Teamwork Evaluation and Modeling

Successful companies understand the value of highly productive teamwork.
We developĀ and improve high performance teams for any organization, large or small.
We also capture, document, evaluate, and improve organizational processes.

We have worked with many types of teams including:


  • Innovation Teams
  • Research Project Teams
    • Engineering
    • Software
  • Business Services Teams
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Leadership Coaching

    Team members will be on the same page!

    Overview of Services


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    We help organizations in two ways:

    • Documenting their current processes aimed at continuous process improvement
    • Working with teams to improve communication, coordination, and efficiency.

    We do this in three ways:

    • Face-to-face focused workshops with team members
    • Customized quarterly assessment of improvements
    • Training in our methods and our proprietary Knowledge Capture Pro™ software


    We provide a software-supported, data-driven, unbiased approach.
    An example of a process model is shown here.