Teamwork Evaluation and Modeling

Workshop-peopleSuccessful companies understand the value of highly productive teamwork. Our services are designed to develop and improve high performance teams for any organization, large or small. As teams form and operate, they often experience difficulties coordinating their efforts or discerning the roles of each team member. Teams may also struggle to understand the specific interfaces between team members. Improving team communication, coordination and understanding is where TEaM, Inc. excels.
We have worked with many types of teams including:
  • Innovation Teams
    • Leadership Coaching
  • Project Teams
    • Engineering
    • Software
    • Research
  • Business Services Teams
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology

Overview of our services


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We help organizations in two ways: documenting their current processes aimed at continuous process improvement and working with teams to improve communication, coordination, and efficiency. We do this through short focused workshops, during which team members use our proprietary Knowledge Capture Pro™ software to build models of their processes. We use the models and our proven expertise to guide a discussion resulting in more comprehensive and agreed-upon processes. We provide a report of the newly documented process, action items generated by participants, impressions of analysts, and metrics on amount of convergence achieved during the workshop. In follow-on seminars, we provide (a) team-training targeted at areas of improvement uncovered by the initial workshop (e.g., communication, coordination) and (b) training in implementing lean principles to streamline the processes captured in the initial workshop.


We provide a software-supported, data-driven, unbiased approach to evaluate and improve shared team understanding. Team members will be “on the same page.” Extensive research shows that common understanding leads to team success. The value we deliver is this shared perception among team members.