Teamwork Evaluation and Modeling, Inc.

With TEaM’s approach, we were able to accomplish in four hours what had taken us nearly forty hours before. — BluePrint, LLC

Successful companies understand the value of highly productive teamwork. We develop and improve high performance teams for any organization, large or small. We also capture, document, evaluate, and improve organizational processes. We provide a software-supported, data-driven, unbiased approach.

We can help you in several ways:

  • Consulting: With your input, we can build models of your processes for you
  • Software: With a license to use our software, you can build the models yourself
  • Training: We can provide training in how to use the software so you can quickly get up to speed in building models
  • Workshops: We can conduct face-to-face workshops with your personnel to establish agreed-upon models of your organizations processes

Team members will be on the same page!

Overview of Our Services

We help organizations in two important areas:

  • Documenting their current processes aimed at continuous process improvement
  • Working with teams to enhance communication, coordination, and efficiency

We do this in four ways:

  • Face-to-face focused workshops with team members
  • Easy-to-use proprietary Knowledge Capture Pro™ software for capturing process and/or teamwork models
  • Metrics to quantify process improvement
  • Training in our proprietary Knowledge Capture Pro™ software
We will definitely be using these reports to follow up and work on better aligning our processes.
— IT Administrator
Benefits to your organization include improvements in:

  • Effectiveness, speed and accuracy of your business processes
  • Costs per process, per task
  • Costs and duration of training
  • Employee engagement, retention, job satisfaction, commitment, and performance
  • Employee understanding of your processes, and a reduction of confusion
  • Customer satisfaction
Your workshop started a conversation in our department that I don’t think would have started any other way. — HR Department Head

We provide you with the tools to take the first step: modeling the processes.
You can then use the models for:

  • Improving the processes by reducing time and steps
  • Managing projects
  • Training employees in the process
  • Developing teams engaged in the process
  • Allocating resources