Process Capture/Documentation Workshop

TriVector Services was very satisfied with the TEaM workshop conducted to help us improve our contract modification process. Our team was divided into groups to map out our current workflow, and we quickly found several opportunities for improvement. We discovered that our overall process had over 40 tasks and 13 decisions that impacted our accounting, contracting, human resources, and timekeeping functions. TriVector was able to refine the workflow process with TEaM’s Knowledge Capture Pro modeling tool and customer report. The revised process reduced the number of tasks, saving us time and adding quality assurance steps to improve our accuracy. TriVector highly recommends the workshop to any company. — TriVector Services, Inc.

Our Process Capture/Documentation Workshop focuses on documenting your organization’s processes through a quick, guided interaction with the organization’s employees who are engaged in that process. A Process Capture/Documentation Workshop consists of three parts:

Part 1: We have a 30-minute conversation with the client to determine the process to be documented. Management will be asked to provide a high-level set of tasks within the process that will be explicated and discussed in more detail during the workshop. At this high-level, most processes consist of 3 – 7 tasks. In the hiring process, for example, the high-level tasks might be: recruit applicants, interview applicants, evaluate applicants, make an offer. Of course each of these tasks have a number of associated sub-tasks. The sub-tasks will be addressed and documented during the Process Capture Workshop.

Part 2: We conduct a 3 – 4 hour face-to-face workshop with employees involved in working the tasks within the process chosen in Part 1, starting with the high-level tasks provided by management. For each task, we drill down to the details of the sub-tasks to document all the components of the process, including the duration of each task. Our software specialist uses our Knowledge Capture Pro software to provide a model of the process — an organized pictorial view of the process steps, including decision points — while our trained analyst guides the discussion. A previous client reported that in our workshop they documented a process in 4 hours, where it had previously taken them 40 hours.

Part 3: A few days after the workshop we provide to the client a report of the entire process that has been documented. We provide both textual and pictorial documents which delineate all tasks, sub-tasks, decision points, task durations, and critical paths. Clients also have a one-year license to our Knowledge Capture Pro software, allowing  management or employees to make continuous modifications to the model or create new models.