We offer these workshops tailored to the specific needs of our customers. See Capability Statement for more information.

Teamwork Improvement

Our services are designed for any organization using teams to solve problems or conduct business. As teams form and operate they might experience trouble coordinating their efforts, understanding the roles of each team member, or they might be struggling to understand the specific interfaces between team members. This is where TEaM, Inc., can help.

  • Team Consolidation: Increase team member shared understanding. Team members’ models are compared and guided discussions are conducted to enhance convergence in the team’s shared understanding.
  • Team Building: Team members work together to build a model of their team tasks and processes, resulting in improved team dynamics and coordination.

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Process Capture  and Documentation

We provide face-to-face focused workshops to create documented models of an organization’s tasks and processes.

  • We can work with teams within ISO 9000 certified organizations to conform to the accepted process, either prior to or after an audit.
  • We can work with ISO 9000 auditors to determine the extent to which the processes actually used by an organization conform to their published processes.
  • Evaluate team process accuracy. Compare team members’ models to an official model, such as comparisons between team members and managers or between team members and process requirements.

After three workshops, clients have the option to use our Knowledge Capture Pro™ software on their own. We offer software training for clients who choose this option.

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