Service List

The following are the service packages and bundles that we offer:


Teamwork Improvement Workshop

  • Includes one teamwork model access for one year
  • One initial report with metrics included
4 participants
5-7 participants
8-10 participants
Process Capture and Documentation
  • One workshop, conducted by TEaM, Inc. personnel
  • Includes Knowledge Capture Pro subscription (see below) for a single process for one year
    • Create Official model or Actual model
  • (Optional) one-time metrics report comparing the Official model and Actual model (each model requires a subscription)
4 participants
5-7 participants
8-10 participants
Optional metrics report
  • Knowledge Capture Pro software training
    • We provide laptops and setup
    • Includes one month of virtual support
First two participants
Additional 3-10 participants
(per person charge)
  • Knowledge Capture Pro subscription
    • Covers models for a single process
    • Includes online access to edit model for a year
    • Includes quarterly metrics updates
    • Includes access to software support
First year First 20 processes
Next 20 processes
> 40 processes
Renewal per year per process